Dates & Details

2023 High School Online Programs

2023 Sessions

Week 1
July 10 – 14

James Madison, The ‘Federal Negative,’ and the Making of the U.S. Constitution

Study the debate over the balance of power between the federal government and the states, while making a virtual visit to James Madison’s Montpelier.

Week 2
July 17 – 21

Debt and Democracy: The New York Constitutional Convention of 1846

Explore how New York and other states dealt with mounting infrastructure debt, short and long-term time-horizons, and how the incentives at play for politicians affect decision making.

Week 3
July 24 – 28

The Struggle Over Public Education in Early America

Delve into the issues surrounding the establishment of public education in America, including the purpose of education, who should fund it, the role of religion, and the class and racial tensions involved, particularly at a time of high immigration and economic transformation.

Week 4
July 31 – August 4

The Pecora Hearings

In this case about early financial regulation, students will assess the role of government in regulating industry and how and when Congressional hearings can be either beneficial or detrimental to democracy.

Time Commitment

Typically, all synchronous class sessions are from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT, Monday through Friday.


Tuition for each one-week session is $95. Scholarships are available on a need basis.